Why Get a Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filter is usually installed at the primary water supply line of a house to make sure that any water source available to you gives you clean, purified water. This includes both bottled water and well water. It is usually connected to one faucet in the house and connected to the home’s plumbing system through an in-line filter that carries a large sized piece of filter.

A common home drinking water purification system uses reverse osmosis to process the water coming through the pipes. If you want to make your drinking water cleaner and safer for consumption, then you should consider purchasing an advanced water filtration system for your kitchen and shower. The filters available for these devices are usually larger and more expensive than a whole house water filter. However, they can be quite useful if you want to take precautions against contaminants like chlorine and lead.

There is also an advanced model that can be attached directly to your sink, bathtub or any other faucet that is applicable. This model carries a water ionization step to remove the contaminants present in tap water without removing its mineral content. It works by increasing the amount of oxygen molecules in water, which makes it taste better. But note that if you have tap water ionization step added to your filter, you may need to replace your water ionization mineral with the corresponding salt once every month.

Another common issue that homeowners tend to have with their systems is the presence of odor and taste in their drinking water. In fact, some even report the bad taste and odor coming from their systems even when they have not used it for long. If you notice this problem with your private well water, then you should consider using a home water purification system that carries a multi-stage filtration combination. The first stage will remove the bacteria and viruses, and the next two stages will eliminate the remaining organic contaminants. You should check the Performance Data Sheet of the filtration combinations that you are planning to use so you will know just how effective it is at removing contaminants.

As per the pelican ps80 review, A high-quality water filtration system will also carry out stringent quality control tests on its products before it ships them out for sale. For instance, a lot of companies will test the water for pH, sediment content, cysts, THMs and VOCs. If there are traces of these VOCs, manufacturers would add a variety of chemicals or burn off these traces in order to bring the VOC levels back into acceptable levels.

With a great water filter, you can effectively prevent water pollution and improve your health. And because the performance certification is available for most brands, you can make the right choice. You can choose a high-quality system that gives you great value for your money. You can choose performance certification, and get the peace of mind that your family’s drinking water is clean and pure.


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