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Anime is fun, there’s no argument on that. That’s why as the years passed, more and more anime is being created. And as time passed, more and more people are getting hooked to it. If you’re not into it, then you’re probably missing out on a whole lot of fun.

The anime craze has been taking over the world. If you want to catch up and get started, you should go visit nonton anime. They have a lot to offer to you that you can enjoy. If you want, we have some recommendations as to what anime shows you should watch. Anime that would get you loving them. Here are some of them.

Nonton anime comes with a lot of options to choose from. Every genre you could think of, every anime, etc. you could find it in here that’s for sure.

Then another thing about nonton anime is that it comes with a lot of features that other anime sites do not have. Most anime sites do not allow you to download the episodes and stuff, but on this site, you can do it. You can download it offline. Guaranteed, you will be happy that you can easily access it whenever and wherever you want to once you have already downloaded it offline.

Now, you might want to consider watching some of these amazing anime shows. It will surely give you more fun than ever.

  • Koroshiai is one of the most amazing anime show you could ever watch. This anime right here talks about an assassin who falls in love with a girl. This suspenseful romantic story will make you want more. This is a manga series that has been turned into a film. And that’s because its manga series has been quite a success. If you choose to watch this, make sure to prepare handkerchiefs with you to help you with all the crying you’re going to do.
  • Then another thing you can watch, if you’re into fantasy, is the anime series called Princess Connect. This is a story about a girl waking up in an unknown location, having to meet a kind monster, and ending up being on an adventure to defeat the dark lord. How exciting does that sound? You will feel overwhelmed with the wonders of their adventure and the friendship they create along the way.

Now, if you’re into other genres, you can also try watching Tokyo 24, One Piece, Tribe Nine, Futsal Boys, Orient, etc.

These anime are guaranteed to be top-notch and some of the most popular and most watched anime films of all time. All of those can be found in nonton anime, so you better check it out and see for yourself. Experience all the fun that you could have with the help of this site. Guaranteed, you will be happy like no other. Make sure to take advantage of the download feature so that even without access to the internet, the fun wouldn’t have to stop.


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