The Best Way to Get Instagram followers: Easy Strategy for Boosting Follower Count

We all want more followers on Instagram. Whether it’s for personal reasons or to grow our business, there are plenty of strategies that you can use to boost your follower count. But which one is best? A new study on the topic has found that users who follow other users at a rate of 1:1 with their posts are most successful in gaining followers.

This means if you post five times per day, you’ll need to follow five other people and like their posts so they return the action. These findings counter an older study that stated that following users was more successful than following hashtags or getting likes, but it seems that this strategy may not be enough anymore.

The Importance of Instagram Followers

A recent study by the social media analytics company Rankly surveyed over 3,000 users to find out how they spent their time on Instagram. To find out their recommendations on boosting follower counts, Rankly included a survey question:

Which social media activity makes the biggest impact on a user’s Instagram followers?

The following answers are this activity. Rankly’s survey respondents engaged to gain followers.

Actions That Boosts Instagram Followers

1. Following at a rate of 1:1

2. A post every 10 minutes

3. A post every 2 hours

4. Posts in the morning and afternoon

5. Posts every 4 hours

6. Direct message accounts at least once per week

7. Post at least once every 30 minutes

8. Follow other people

9. Like other posts

Why Influencers Need More Followers

We’re all familiar with influencers – people who post well-thought-out posts, creating a dialogue on the topic. They get massive numbers of likes, shares, and comments. But a smaller number of them manage to build an audience that loves their content and needs to follow them – they’re “influencers”.

But how many do you follow on Instagram? I know I follow about 300 influencers, and I know many people follow thousands. Of course, there are different levels of followers, but it’s safe to say that everyone needs more followers to be successful.

Why You Should Follow Other Users on Instagram

The study into influencer success, put together by University of York professor Steven Austad, also found that the top influencers are followers of less than 5,000 people.

What is the Best Way to Get Instagram Followers?

This latest study (which was published by TNW) is one of the first to determine the number of followers that results in the most success. The findings show that this strategy works, but only for users who post frequently and engage with other users on a personal level. That means that these users need to use posts to form relationships rather than simply go with the crowd.

When it comes to liking other users’ posts, posting more frequently is the key to success as well. But if you’re a super frequent user, the perfect time to post is in the afternoon, before you go to work. Of course, since you’re more likely to post in the morning, it’s easier to get a boost from the algorithm and increase your follower count.


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