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Would you believe it if you knew that bilingualism was considered a handicap in the United States in the 1900s? The logic behind this assumption is that the person would have difficulty processing a message in two languages; thus, they become confused and never respond clearly. It was like knowing more languages would mean taking space in your brain that one language could have covered if it were not the case.

However, people and experts recognize that it was the other way around. Bilingualism does not mean the person gets more confused in processing a message but expands their learning and language acquisition better than most people who speak one language only. English as a Second Language or ESL gained a lot of traction after this notion, and until now has been a gateway for people to get the most out of their knowledge in the language.

  • The benefits of learning language when you are young

Contrary to popular belief, knowing two languages is a sign of higher intelligence. When a baby is exposed to two languages in their home, their thinking and message reception becomes more flexible when it comes to comprehending the message and speaking in the languages, too. Like a blank canvas, they also easily adapt any language they come across with. This phenomenon means that they get to learn languages far faster than adults.

  • The benefits of learning language when you are an adult

Not only is learning two languages great for those who are infants and younger, but also to those who are adults. When someone gets old, however, learning becomes more difficult, because they resist more to unfamiliar situations. But trying it out and enrolling yourself to esl classes will not be much of a problem as many people who come from developing countries take it and are still able to excel.

  • The benefits of the ESL teaching program

There are many benefits to enrolling yourself to an ESL program to learn English better and sue it to your own motives. The first is that you get to express yourself and your personal identity better. Since you will be with people who come from different cultural and social backgrounds and your instructor being a native speaker, it is a positive challenge to get your ideas and your expressions across them.

The second benefit is that you get to excel in your academic ventures. People who take ESL courses get drilled to learn how to read, write, listen, and speak in the said language, not just in a conversational tone, but also to that which requires critical thinking and formal behaviors. One’s working memory also increases in a great and marginal way. Lastly, one gets to enjoy the benefits of a wider array of employment opportunities. Since they become more competent with language comprehension, people who take ESL programs get a certificate they can use to forward to their employer proving they are as qualified as their other native speaker applicants which shows global competency.


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