Putting the wrong fuel in the car: what happens?

When you go to the gas station with your car, you will be able to find pumps that offer various options of fuel. You could be knowing already which one you require to utilize for your car, but have you ever checked out what might happen if, by mistake, you utilize a different fuel altogether? The thing is that it will produce unfavorable results and that is when the wrong fuel sos comes in handy. 

Placing diesel in a gas engine 

The majority of personal vehicles use a gas engine. It denotes that, you will require utilizing one of the pumps for the same. If you place the diesel fuel in the system, then you will get into unfavorable trouble.  

If you end up putting in some gallons of diesel, then you are going to experience problems. And in case you fill a whole gas engine with diesel, then the vehicle will stop to work. If you only place a few gallons of diesel and then end up realizing your mistake, then your car will still work but after some time, it will start to run poorly. 

Gas engines are not known to have a compression ratio that is sufficient enough for igniting the fuel. The fuel will end up remaining in the tank, where it can be able to damage the injectors of the car, the fuel pump, and the lines. You don’t have to start the car if you mistakenly fill it with diesel. Instead, the best thing to do is to call the tow service so that it can be taken to a shop where draining can be done thoroughly. 

Placing gasoline in a diesel engine 

Similar damage will occur if you place gasoline in a car that happens to have a diesel engine. You will have to use the same principle. A diesel engine cannot efficiently burn gasoline and thus, within a few miles of driving, the car engine will automatically break down and the rods, pistons, and even the whole engine might fail. 

In case you realize what you have done before you start the car, then you will want to take similar preventive action. You will require to have a technician who is experienced to look at your entire vehicle and flush it completely. Alternatively, you can decide to pay a professional to do that instead of having to purchase a new engine altogether. 

Using the right octane numbers 

Most of the drives don’t need to worry much regarding diesel. But they will have to put their attention on the three pumps which are labeled 91, 89, and 87. Each one of them has a slight difference, but in general, you don’t need to worry much if you utilize the wrong one as you do with the diesel fuel.  Most of the engines do require 87. But if you place 91 in one of the cars, then your vehicle will continue to operate well. There are some vehicles like vintage cars and sports cars which prefer to use 91. If you decide to place the 87 in the system of such vehicles which are high performing, then the engine will not break down. What might happen is that the fuel economy of your vehicle will reduce. 


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