Know How to Get the Best Car Shipping Agency

Lots of things affect your aaa car shipping. Asides the choice of an agency that you make, you should know that some rules of thumb will affect how much you spend. You may find an agency whose service is generally cheaper than others. And when you do this, there are still some other things that you should bear in mind in the modality of service that you request for.

Taking this into consideration will help you to not only choose a cheap agency for yourself but also choose a cheap service.

Where is your car and where do you want it?

These are two questions that you need to answer because they determine a lot about how much you will spend. The distance between where the car is and where you need it will tell how much you will pay. If the distance is shorter, you won’t pay as much as if it is longer. However, the price per mileage may be relatively lesser if the distance is farther.

The pick-up and delivery locations

If you are picking your car in a major car dealing park and it will also be delivered in a place like this, you are likely going to get a cheap car shipping. However, if you want home delivery, you will have to pay more. First, home delivery is not an easy thing as it can be stressful for the driver. Second, it also takes more of the driver’s time. Third, navigating the streets for residential areas is not usually an easy thing for long carriers. All these calls for extra charges on the shipping.

The size of your vehicle

Smaller vehicles can guarantee you a cheap aaa car shipping. This primarily because smaller cars are bound to be lighter and will allow for more space for more cars. If your car won’t allow for extra spaces for extra cars, you have to pay extra.


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