How to Prevent Dental Problems with Digital Dentistry

In an era of connected devices and gadgets, dental technology is emerging as the newest frontier in oral healthcare. Dental technology empowers users with real-time monitoring of their dental health and a constant source of information on how to keep their teeth as healthy as possible. The advent of dental technology has led to the creation of connected apps, devices, and software that make it easier than ever for you to take care of your teeth.

What is Dental Technology?

Digital dentistry is the practice of using technology to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral health issues. The term “digital” refers to the computerization of dental care and the growing presence of devices and apps for health monitoring. This is beneficial for both patients and dentists, as it provides a better overall experience and improved dental care. It is also known as “dental eHealth” to emphasize the importance of digital devices and software as part of total wellness. With dental eHealth, you can monitor your dental health remotely, receive feedback on your habits, and receive real-time advice on how to improve your dental health.

Why is Dental eHealth is Important?

As we’ve explored, dental eHealth is beneficial for both patients and dentists. It allows for more accurate diagnosis and better prevention of dental issues. Due to the growing number of dental health apps, the dental industry is growing from a “fee for service” model to a “fee for outcomes” model. This means that dentists will be rewarded for improving their patients’ dental health and decreasing treatment time. Patients will also be rewarded for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which will help to reduce treatment costs by preventing dental issues.

How Does Dental eHealth Work?

Dental eHealth lets you monitor your oral health remotely and provides feedback on your habits. You can use apps to track things like your sleep schedule, the amount of exercise you get, the amount of time you spend on your device(s), and more. By monitoring your habits, you can take proactive steps to maintain good oral health. Many apps are also connected to wearables and other devices, which allows them to connect with your other health data. For example, if you use a sleep tracking app, it can also connect to your teeth. The app can let you know when you’ve had enough sleep and it’s time to stop using your devices, which are known to disrupt sleep cycles.

Most people are aware that their oral health is directly related to their overall health. When you neglect your teeth and gums, it can have a negative impact on other areas of your body, including your heart, lungs and kidneys. The good news is that there are many ways to manage your oral health so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of not taking care of your mouth. Dental eHealth enables you to monitor your oral health from the comfort of your own home. It provides convenient access to information about dental services, insurance and local dentists.


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