How To Obtain Employment As A Trader With The Best Prop Trading Firms

Fidelcrest has always been a leading trader and dealers of securities. They were one of the first companies to offer online trading in securities. In recent years, their services have expanded to include foreign markets. They’ve been able to do this because they have a strong technical team that can provide excellent support for their customers. Their traders are also highly experienced and well-trained. And their customer service is always top notch.

There are many applicants who attend best prop trading firms interviews and believe they can simply rely on their mathematics skills; however, this is unlikely to result in an offer, as it is akin to going to Hollywood and approaching a Hollywood agent and saying, “I’m good looking, and I’d like to star in films right now, please.”

If you haven’t acted previously, even in amateur plays, if you haven’t attended auditions, applied to join a theatre, or been cast in productions, even in student films or on stage, you will be unable to act. Similarly, if you haven’t concentrated on learning how to trade, mastering the process, identifying what works, gaining real-world experience, creating an account, and attempting to trade, you will not be effective as a trader.

For One Reason, Proprietary Trading Businesses Have High Expectations Of Its Candidates

Thousands of individuals would give everything to be a trader, and for every trading position available, at least 500 to 1000 applications vie for the opportunity to trade. In my experience, a single advertisement for a trading job on EFinancialCareers generates enough CVs to fill an entire file cabinet drawer each time the advertisement is placed on a quarterly basis. In other words, you face stiff competition while applying to become a trader.

However, you do not need a Ph.D. in mathematics or programming to become a genuinely effective trader. A trading business is unlikely to spend much time examining your credentials as long as there is a reasonable expectation that you will earn them a lot of money.

The best prop trading firms will ignore any lack of experience. If you’ve had continuous success for six to twelve months and are confident in your trading abilities, AND have brokerage account statements to prove it, a prop company is likely to take you seriously and give you a chance. You don’t need to have earned a lot of money to stand out; all you need is to demonstrate that you’ve taken actual efforts and shown some resolve to separate yourself from the herd. If this describes you and you want it badly enough, begin contacting prop companies. The links at the bottom of this page provide a link to a list of proprietary trading forms that you may contact.

If You Want To Work As A Prop Trader But Lack Experience, Get Some Participate and begin teaching yourself to trade – practically everything is teachable these days. Examine the no-cost prop trading training course listed at the bottom of this post and begin educating yourself. Establish a trading account with a broker, whether it be for spreadbetting, options, futures, or forex. Then you may begin exchanging! Nowadays, opening an account is simple and does not need a large sum of money. Even if you completely fail when you initially begin, you are at least attempting and observing how market values change.


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