How to Choose the Right cat litter tray

There’s a lot we know about choosing cat litter trays. We know that the best option for your cat’s environment is one that is large and strong. We also know that the best option for your cat’s food will be something that can be easily stored and provide her with a good supply of food. But what do you do if your cat has a bad experience with one of your trays? Here we take you through our top three tips.

Pay Attention to the Material You Use To Make Your Cat Litter Trays

Your cat will be able to tell the difference between one type of litter and another. If you’re using a very flimsy tray, she could easily break it. And if you’re using industrial grade materials, she could eat the edges that have come loose over time.

So pay attention to what goes into making your cat litter tray. Look for material that is easy to clean and can withstand greater abuse than flimsy trays.

Look For a Tray That Is Durable and Easy To Clean

Cat litter trays are a crucial part of your cat’s life. Many owners have had bad experiences with their cat using certain litter boxes and don’t want to repeat those mistakes. A durable litter tray can provide you with the peace of mind that your cat’s experience is going to be good and will make your cat happy. An easy-to-clean litter tray will go a long way toward making sure that all of your cats’ needs are met, including the needs for your cat’s litter box.

Use a Tray That Has a High Capacity

Cat owners often use multiple litter trays because they don’t want their cats to waste time searching for an ideal place in which to find their food and water supplies. High capacity trays allow you to ensure that there is always some litter left after each visit so that your kitty doesn’t have to search for her next meal or drink water.

Consider the Size of the Tray

The first thing to consider when choosing a cat litter tray is the size of the tray. A large tray will prevent your cat from jumping and could even get in the way of your litter box. A small tray, on the other hand, will prevent your cat from accessing and cleaning the litter box properly.

Make Sure the Tray Is Easy To Clean

The first thing to consider is the ease of cleaning. If you have a tray that requires frequent cleaning, your cat will likely not enjoy it as much. The effectiveness of the tray depends on how easy it is to clean, so make sure it’s easy for you to clean. The second tip is to ensure that there are enough areas on the tray for your cat to sleep comfortably and eat comfortably, too. A tray with only one area that cats can lie down in will be uncomfortable for them.


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