Guide for using Google chrome efficiently

Time has changed a lot after the arrival of the internet and everything is available in everyone’s hands. Let us assume that you need any information or wish to buy something online. You will need a web browser to do so. The web browsing space is loaded with several browsers. Some are ancient browsers, while some are newbies. However, only a few standstills at the top of the market. Such a market leader is nothing but Google chrome. So, millions of people have downloaded the browser and the count is increasing every day. Due to this high demand for the browser, several websites have come up providing google chrome free downloads. You can also start browsing using the most popular browser by downloading it from such a site. However, you can only enjoy certain abilities of Google chrome with your current knowledge about the browser. If you go through this article, you will get a better understanding of it and can use it efficiently.

Customize the new page

Everyone knows the default new page of chrome. Instead of keeping it as a blank page with a search bar, you can pin or make a shortcut to the most-visited websites on this page by customizing it. Likewise, you can even change the background image and other visual elements of the new page window according to your wish.

Install extensions

Chrome alone offers you the facility of downloading pre-developed extensions capable of doing certain tasks and pinning them with chrome. Once you do so, you can simply click on those icons to conduct certain activities. It will be helpful in various aspects according to the extension’s capabilities.

Use the incognito mode when required

Chrome offers you an option to go private without storing your browsing history with the help of incognito mode. Once you use it, your online activity will not get stored. It is also called a secret mode.

Pin the tabs

You may be working with multiple tabs but may need only a few for future use. So, you can use the pinning option to keep those few alone saved like a bookmark.

Group the related tabs

Chrome offers you an option to group the related tabs together. If you do so, you will not get confused even if you are working on so many tabs at the same time. So, grouping similar kinds of tabs will save you time and be error-free.

Use bookmarks effectively

Some websites will be required often for your works. So, you can add bookmarks to the chrome browsers. You can also give titles to those pages. It is advisable to give a title that also acts as a description for the page insisting on its importance. So, you can click on these bookmarks to go to those sites whenever necessary.

Use the translate option

As the internet surrounds the world, you will face some websites written in a foreign language. However, you need not worry as chrome even translates the entire site to English for your understanding. So, you can use this facility whenever necessary.


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