Death And Remembrance – Why Choose Cemetery Plaques?

Death is a fact of life, and it can come at any time and to anyone. Often death tends to bring sorrow and sadness, and rightfully so. However, after death should come remembrance, remembrance of a person’s life and times, their deeds, their actions, and most importantly, the example they set for those they loved. We believe that there is no better way to remember someone than by building something that reminds us of them every time we glance upon it; in this case, we are referring to cemetery plaquesheadstones, and other grave monuments, join us as we tell you how you can honor the memory of your loved one by adding a respectful touch to their resting place.

Headstones and plaques

There are several varieties of cosmetic items that can be added to a grave; among these are grave monuments, headstones, and plaques; there is a wide assortment of other types of memorials that can also be added these maybe –

–         Ledgers – These are the costliest amongst the assortment of grave monuments; they cover the entire grave and usually possess personal information of the deceased, and usually contain a concise yet detailed account of the personal life through engravings and other cosmetic additions 

–         Upright headstones – subtle and minimalistic are the best way to describe these, used for most conventional gravesites, upright headstones as the name suggest are upright standing pieces of stone containing simple information such as the name, birth date, death date, and other personal information 

–         Plaques – These are usually memorial markers laid down onto the ground; they possess the name and information of the deceased and can also contain a variety of other concise information such as – quotes, messages from loved ones, and so on.

–         Obelisk Burial Monument – These monuments are used mostly at war memorials and burial sites of extra-ordinary people who could be counted for their deeds or who died in service of the community or in a generally spectacular way.

         Grave markers – Grave markers are simple and minimalistic grave markers made of bronze attached to granite, often used to identify the graves of those who have passed.


The cost of these grave markers, monuments, or headstones can differ based on a variety of factors; most of these memorials are sold based on weight; however other factors may be as follow –

– Materials used in the making of the monument/headstone/plaque, etc.

– Size of the memorial

– Customisation such as engravings, the addition of photos, etc. (accounted for separately from the cost of the memorial)

– Additional features as needed.

Grave memorials are the best way to honor the memories of those who’ve passed, a respectful and appropriate ornament that can reflect the life and times of the deceased and serve as a basis of remembrance by which to remember them, the assortment of choices and customizations that can be made to memorials such as cemetery plaques, also leave the door open to add a beautiful quote, image or any other customization that may better help in honoring their memory.


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