Common Myths About DIY Air Duct Cleaning Services

The most important thing is cleaner indoor air at your home. However, will vent cleaning provide you with cleaner indoor air? Or is vent cleaning just a waste of money and time? To find out we will tell you the top five myths about vent cleaning and do not recommend it for most consumers either.

It can be dirt-free: This is a very common misconception. Dirty or congested ducts can block up the flow of air in and out of a room. As such, it can be more complicated to clean and maintain your ducts. The tips below will help you get rid of excess dirt that has accumulated on the inside of the ducts. Additionally, these tips will help keep the dirt from coming back so you do not need to tackle it as often.

I can save money by having someone else do it: This is another common misunderstanding that people have. In actuality hiring someone to do your air duct cleaning services can be more expensive than doing it yourself. Some companies charge more per hour than others.

Therefore, you need to know what your price range is before you call around to various companies and ask them to quote you an hourly rate for cleaning your ducts.

I can schedule the job anytime: This is another big misconception. One of the biggest problems with getting duct cleaning services is knowing when is the right time to have the job done. For instance, if you are in a very cold climate then you might need the ducts cleaned closer to the spring equinoxes. If you are in an area where the seasons are mostly summer, then you might want to get them cleaned near the end of the summer.

This will ensure that the air is clean enough for everyday use. The next biggest problem with most DIY duct cleaning services is that they do not clean deep enough. I would recommend either using professional air duct cleaning services or making sure you get your ducts cleaned regularly. This should keep your home healthier and more comfortable at the same time.

It is also important to know whether or not you need a professional air duct cleaning company. Although most people hire these services when they find mold growing in their ducts, it is important to know if you need them since the mold has also been found in homes that have not been properly treated.

Many toxic gases are created from mold and other allergens and you can end up having a respiratory infection, not to mention a lot of damage to your air ducts. You might also end up losing your health because of the mold and not even know about it.


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