Choosing the baby swimwear for your athlete-in-the-making

Your baby toddler is only two but you’re already seeing a potential swimmer athlete in him? He can hold his breather underwater for more than ten minutes. He already learned how to float! In no time, he’ll be swimming around the four edges of your swimming pool. How exciting!

What does a supportive mother do when she sees big potential in her child? She will buy the necessary things that the child needed to enhance the child’s skills in that certain area that he or she seems to be good at. In this case, we are talking about the right baby swimwear for future swimmer athletes. 

If you are not a swimmer by profession, you might find yourself having difficulty in buying the right swimming essentials that a beginner swimmer athlete should have. You cannot have your child training in a regular swimsuit. Here are some of the things that you should know first before you go to your nearest department store;

Types of competitive swimwear

As I said, you can’t just go picking a regular swimsuit if you are planning to train your child for competitive swimming. There are types of swimwear that you should keep in mind. These are swimming suits, drag suits, and technical suits. Although, babies most likely fall under the swimming suits category as they are just beginning their “swimming career”.

Swimming suits have different styles and are commonly made for training purposes. For boys, they have shorts and briefs.  While girls have one-piece and two-piece swimwear. But the most commonly used type is for girls is a one-piece suit. Drag suits are used for training and practice. It is slightly looser than the regular suit. Lastly, technical suits are used in high-level swimming competitions.

Other accessories

Aside from the swimwear, your little athlete should also have the complete accessories for motivation. The accessories include goggles, swim caps, swim fins, hand paddles, swimming float, and earplugs. I know it’s a lot but it is worth it if you are supporting your child. It will be worth it once he will set foot in his first-ever competition.

Where To Buy Good Quality Swimming Essentials

You cannot just buy substandard swimming essentials for your future athlete in your local department store. If you have the money, it is best to invest in quality materials. You can visit sports shops to find the best deals. You may also visit online shops such as the Cheeky Chickadee Store if you do not want to leave your house while doing your search.

Ask the experts

If you have checked everything that I have mentioned above on your checklist but you are still confused, it is best to ask the experts. You may ask the opinion of your primary school’s swimming coach, the sales clerk at your nearest sports shop (most likely they will be upselling their products but they have been taught to check for quality), or a professional swimming athlete.

There is no harm in asking questions especially if it is for your child’s welfare and development. Finding information from the internet is good. It is where we usually get answers to most of our questions nowadays but it is still better to get first-hand information from experts in person. Now that you have learned the things that you must consider in buying competitive swimwear for your baby, there is one last thing that you must check first. Please make sure that it is really what your baby toddler wants to do and not just a phase!


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