Beautiful stone garden ornaments

People love to set up their garden either in their backyard or front yard. You can grow beautiful plants and pot them in intricate pots. To level up your garden set-up, you can add beautiful stone garden ornaments. The contrasting colour of the stone ornaments will look beautiful among the greens. Moreover, these stone ornaments are available in varying shapes, sizes and significance. We have listed a few such stone garden ornaments that are weather-resistant for your garden.

Large Stone Garden Ornaments

  • Large Grand Buddha Head Statue: The large grand Buddha head statue weighs around 120 kg Has a height of 74 cm. This beautiful stone statue has a very intricate design which adds to its elegance. This handcrafted piece is weather resistant. The Buddha garden statues are available in two colours- Burnt Umber and Aged Cotswold. 
  • Easter Island Head Statue: This Head Statue of Easter Island has a connection with Easter Island. They were erected by the native Polynesians. The eradication was for the remembrance of their former leader. The stone statue has a base of 25cm and a height of 70cm. This handcrafted stone is made by skilled artisans and is resistant to bad weather. This statue will add to the beauty of your garden instantly. 
  • Heraldic Griffin Garden Statue: The Heraldic Griffin Garden Statue has a base of 1ft 5inches and a height of 2ft 9inches. This heavily intricate stone statue weighs 144kg. This statue is a representation of the half lion and half eagle king of the beast. This weather-resistant garden decoration statue will add a vintage touch to your green garden. 

Chinese Stone Garden Ornaments

  • Terracotta Warrior Statue: If you want to add a Chinese theme to your garden, get this hand-crafted weather-resistant terracotta warrior statue. This robust statue of a warrior has a base of 9 inches and has a weight of 3 ft. 2 inches. Moreover, the Terracotta Warrior Statue is available in two colour options, namely, burnt Umber and aged Cotswold. 
  • Temple Lions Stone Ornament (Set of 2): The Temple Lions Stone Ornament is available in a set of 2. Such intricately handcrafted stone garden ornaments are frost resistant. Moreover, you can add the pair at the entrance of your garden to add a vintage touch. Also, hollow stones have a base of 1 ft 9 inches and 1 ft 4 inches. The height of the statue is 2 ft 5 inches each. Just like other products, the Temple Lions Stone ornaments are available in two colours – burnt Umber and aged Cotswold.

Jolly Taverner Statue: Jolly Taverner Statue is a beautifully handcrafted statue of a laughing Buddha. The base of the statue is 29cm and the height is 44cm. This cute little stone statue weighs 34kg. This beautiful statue has several intricate details which will add opulence to your garden. The best attribute of the statue is the weather resistance. You can add this to your garden even if it rains heavily. This stone statue of laughing buddha allows moss and lichens to attach to the surface. 


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